“Master Data Management” In 2 Mns

March 2, 2009

A extract from a IBM R&D presentation about Semantic Web and Data Management.
Explains the concept of “Master Data Management”


Datao.net @ FOSDEM

February 11, 2009

Olivier went to FOSDEM in Belgium this week-end.
A lot of interesting discussions about:

  • Mozilla marketing,
  • Fennec and the mobile industry,
  • some very nice presentations of OpenJDK, IcedTea and JDK7.

What could you expect more?

Here is some slides presented by Datao.net at the Mozilla Lightning Talks sessions (a 15mns lightning talk 🙂 ).

The pitch is to create a corporate browser, a best-of-both between the Java platform and the Firefox/XulRunner platform.
This presentation has been quite a stroke for many listeners, because of all the bad words in it (corporate, java, browser war, semweb…).
But the people of Mozilla have heard the message : “Market the Corporate Browser”.
(and now they know about Datao, the semantic web browser 🙂 )

Hello world!

January 9, 2009

Welcome to the blog of Datao.net.
This blog focuses on semantic technologies, semantic web visualization and browsing.
And, of course, Datao, the semantic web browser (cf http://datao.sourceforge.net for details).

This blog is also a public relation tool for the Datao.net company, reporting the various events and conferences where Datao.net will be present.

Feel free to comment directly on the blog, or contact us at datao@datao.net for any question/remark you may have.